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Hi Vis Safety Vests Brisbane

Budget Screen Printing supply a range of stock safety that a designed to comply with the Australian high visibility safety garment standards.

Hi vis safety vests are used for organisations and on construction sites for visual purposes – to ensure that the person wearing can be exposed to everyone including traffic and equipment. Whether you are looking for day time hi vis safety vest wear, night time wear or vests that can be worn during the day or night, we have it all!

Benefits of hi vis safety vests

Light weight
High visibility in a range of colours
Easy fit and easy engagement
Manufactured to all Australian standards

If you are looking for hi vis safety vests as a one of custom design or if you are after a larger quantity then Budget Screen Printing are able to do this for you. WE take your design, logo and any business information and print it onto the back, front or the back and front of the safety vest. You are able to choose the colours you wants and where you would like the design placed.

For more information on custom printing your hi vis safety vests then enquire with Budget Screen Printing today.

We service all across Australia including the following locations:

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