Printed Hi-Vis Safety Vests

HomePrinted Hi-Vis Safety Vests
HomePrinted Hi-Vis Safety Vests

It is time to outfit your entire construction crew in custom printed hi-vis safety vests. At Budget Screen Printing we work with a range of international suppliers to ensure we offer the best choices and most updated styles of workwear.

To create maximum visibility for your business or brand, we recommend placing images on the back and front or your safety vests to ensure your graphics are seen at all times.

For the best possible outcome and brand effect of your hi-vis garments, we recommend using the screen printing method. Although, there are many other methods, this is the number one choice Budget Screen Printing uses to ensure the highest quality is achieved.

There are many benefits when it comes to printed hi-vis safety vests:

  • Employees act more professional when wearing a customised items with the company logo
  • Customised workwear gets your name out in the public to create awareness which can result in more business
  • A great way to advertise by using your employees as walking billboards

When you order your custom safety vests with Budget Screen Printing, you are guaranteed the highest quality at the best price.

Budget Screen Printing covers all areas of Australia when it comes to customized work and safety wear. Get in contact with us today and get the best personalised printing. 


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