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DTG Digital Printing

DTG digital printing is a method used by Budget Screen Printing where one of our expert printers directly applies a form on ink onto a custom t shirt or other apparel item using an inkjet technology that prints digitally direct to the garment (DTG). In order for this to work, there must a special printer in place that automatically and directly prints the artwork onto the item. The inks used for digital printing are not the same as screen printing, they require specialty inks that are easily absorbed by the fibers of the garment.

Why DTG Digital Printing?

The DTG digital printing method is very precise and has the ability to print in a far higher detail than what screen printing can. The major benefit to this method is that you are not limited in colour, it is revolutionary, vivid and allows complete, full colour mages to be printed onto a custom t shirt, custom hoody, custom uniform, custom sportswear, custom singlet and much, much more.

When it comes to t shirt design, DTG digital printing is extremely cost effective, especially if you have a small to medium quantity of custom apparel pieces or your print contains a higher range of colours. Not only it environmentally friendly, there are so many cool t shirt design prints that be done.

Here are some of the benefits:

Huge range of colour options
Vivid, full colour images
Perfect method for small batches
Low upfront investment
Easily tailored & customized

If you are after more information about this custom printing method or would like to get a quote, contact us today.