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Screen Printing

Screen printing is known as one of the earliest methods of printing, dating back almost 2000 years ago when it was first used by the Chinese. The process involves passing or transferring ink through a mesh stencil onto a substrate. This includes, apparel, stickers, vinyl and other types material.

In order for screen printing to work, there is a range of basic equipment required:

  • -    The stencil or screen
  • -    The squeegee
  • -    The substrate
  • -    The machine base

Why choose the screen printing method?

Screen printing is the most cost effective way of printing your t-shirts other apparel if you have a medium or large quantity. At Budget Screen Printing, we are able to screen print in any colour onto any colour and onto most fabrics. Basically, any surface that can be stretched and printed on is definitely a surface for screen printing. With the ability to custom screen print up to six spot colours  or four process colours (CMYK), we are bound to print your logo or design to match perfectly to your artwork. 

Why Budget Screen Printing?

The screen printers at Budget Screen Printing have over 35 years experience and an immaculate attention to detail. Screen printing apparel is our passion and we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality product at the best price. 

Renowned as Australia’s highest quality and best price screen printer, Budget Screen Printing is the number one choice. Enquire about your quote today, contact us now. 

We cover all areas across Australia including:

Screen Printing Gold Coast

Screen Printing Sunshine Coast

Screen Printing Brisbane

Screen Printing Melbourne

Screen Printing Perth 

Screen Printing Sydney

Screen Printing Melbourne  

Screen printing Adelaide 

For more locations please visit the locations page. Find out more about why Budget Screen Printing is Australia's leading T Shirt Printer here.